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Technology feeds on itself. Technology makes more technology possible. Alvin Toffler
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About Archeo Swap

This token was created to attract the unused micro-cap of people and assets that can be used to develop and advance blockchain goals and help decentralize.

The main goal of our organization is to create an exchange which is completely public and decentralized. And it is made to transport and collect different kinds of coins and different kinds of tokens globally.

This exchange has a big difference with others in this line of work, and that is: Just one person or one organization won’t benefit from it; (rather) believe it or not, everyone has their share in the loss too as well their share in benefits and profits.

In addition to it, we want you to be our partner in every decision and our goal along the way. And with the help from your public votes through your share of tokens that you have from us, we could build the whole structure and make the rules.

For the first time, it is you that is building an Empire and you are in charge in that environment to make decisions. With the right decisions you can be innovative and make good values.

A right decision could make raise a good intrinsic value in your own currency.

After this gain, this you who decide to take out the created profit by selling your share. Or, you can gain more profit than ever, by just making more right and better decisions and also by buying tokens.


Therefore, this organization, by the use of effective elements in attracting more people, is trying to make a bigger and healthier community. Why? Because, the more people’s vote enters the community, the more intelligence and wisdom come through.

Investing will be carried out in different baskets so, it can be some sort of support to maintain your investment's value. In the process of improving and developing of your exchange, it will have Value Added.

cannot find them anywhere else. If you like to have them all at once, you can have them together in your own exchange.

In order to maintain the safety of your savings, the developers perform the privacy policy rules in different period of times.

One of our primary principal is to keep the information of your savings and investments safe and secure.

In order to develop your organization, try to introduce it to others, too. In addition to it, you can increase your amount of investing, so be stronger in the votes.

We are trying to keep intact the sacred purpose of decentralized from the current situation of the society. Moreover, we are trying to make friends with those who don’t have a positive opinion towards cryptocurrencies, because of scam systems and also, we want to face them with truth.